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(Posted on: 11-01-2021)

Valentine’s Day is for everyone to celebrate. It is a day to spread love even self-love. So single people don’t need to treat Valentine’s Day as a not so good and depressing day. There are ways you can enjoy spending the day. Check this out!


  1. Plan a hang-out with your family or friends

This may be the day that you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Also,  It is the time for you to reconnect with your friends and family. Check who has no plans for Valentine's Day and plan how you will spend it together. recYou could go out for dinner, a movie marathon, have a sleepover, cook your own meal, go to church, road trips, travel together, party, etc. 


  1. Treat Yourself

Don’t be too stressed out if no one’s available to hang out with you. Focus on yourself, pamper yourself. There’s a lot of things you can do to spend the day alone, do what you want to. You can go buy what you are saving for a long time, it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while. You can also go eat your favorite food and satisfy your cravings, watch your favorite movie or new released movie that you are waiting for. Pamper yourself! Go to a salon, massage and spa place for you to get relaxation. You can do everything, it's good to have your alone time and self-love. 


  1. Stay at home and take a rest

If you are the person who’s been busy everyday and has no time to take a rest, you may want to take the opportunity of this day to have a rest and catch up your sleep. While most people are outside with the noise and crowds, you may want to stay in, turn off your mobile phone to have your peace and quiet time. 


  1. Do something nice for someone

You can donate food or buy gifts like flowers to someone whom you know needs it. It can be someone stranger or someone who you’re looking up to. In this way, you will feel the love inside of you and of course to your recipient because Valentine’s Day is also to show appreciation to someone. 


  1. Send yourself your favorite flowers or chocolates

Even if you know that it’s from yourself, receiving flowers or chocolates on this day will make your day. It's best if you order it a week before Valentine's Day and schedule to deliver it on the 14th of February. If you forgot that you have ordered these for you, the better. This may surprise you once they delivered it to you.


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